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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

where did our trees go?

Sadly, we are saying goodbye to our Bradford Pear trees along the road. We love our Bradfords! We planted them along with the church 28 years ago, and they have grown into stunningly beautiful trees in the spring and fall.

Unfortunately, 28 years ago we were told to plant them along the road and they have grown up into the power lines along the two roads we front. Until now, the power company's trimming has only been marginally intrusive, but the Bradfords have grown so large that most of them were going to be "wedge-cut." This is so substantial that not only would they not look whole, but their overall health would be compromised.
In conjunction with the city arborist (who recommended they come down), and after great deliberation, we have decided to have the power company workmen take them out altogether rather than see them die piecemeal over the next year.

We look forward to planting new trees with attention to the road, property, power lines, and beauty. A church has the longevity (hopefully!) to not only see infants and children grow up into people of faith, but also to care for and tend God's creation. We look forward to seeing another "generation" of trees along Rea Road and Swan's Run Road.

To our neighbors, we thank you in advance for your patience as we work in our "front yard." We continue to have as one of our highest priorities being a good neighbor to you. From our ball field to meeting space to our preschool to all the spiritual and other resources we have to offer... if there is anything we can ever do for you and your loved ones, please don't hesitate to ask.

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Presbyterian Gal said...

That is just so sad.

Those trees are beautiful.

You should give them a service before they are killed.

Macon said...

Oh! So Sad.

We had to cut down a really wonderful tree in our backyard here in Austin. Folks are really, er, Green, out here, so it was going to be a big deal on that front.

But there is also a kind of syncretic spirituality around nature here that made it feel like we'd be judged even more for cutting it down. (It was dying, but didn't look like it from the street.)

So we invited our neighborhood over the week before the cutting to have a glass of wine and invite folks over to say "goodbye" to our tree. it gave us a chance to explain why we had to cut it down, and some folks really did put their hands on the tree and say "goodbye".

but what happened the most was that we got to know our neighbors and had a great time together. It was as if we were all really wanting to get together but needed an excuse to do so!

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