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Sunday, November 14, 2010

the breadth of worship - new devotional book release

I am working on a series of short devotional books suitable for personal or small group study and discussion.  The first in the series is on worship and is entitled, The Breadth of Worship.  You can order copies from my Lulu Storefront, or if you are in Charlotte, I have a short run and can sell them to you at a discount and save shipping costs.  The books sell for $8 locally (I'll discount bulk orders) and $8.95 + shipping online.

Chapters include:
Service as Worship   [sample chapter] PDF
Obedience as Worship
Yielding as Worship
Loving God as Worship
Worship in Community
Worship in Humility
Worship as Praise
Worship as Participation
From the back cover:
The Breadth of Worship is an eight-part study on the biblical meaning and significance of worship in the life of the Christian and the church.  Condensed from doctoral studies, then preached as eight sermons, this material has been compiled in a format that is accessible to the lay reader and organized as a devotional self-study on the vitally important topic of worship.

Chapters explore key worship principles and how we are to understand worship through service, obedience, yieldedness, love, community, humility, praise, and participation in Christ.  There is also a resource section for further study.

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