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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

wednesdays out - 3 weeks in

A few weeks ago I described our Wednesday Night out "experiment." I said I would report on how it's going...

After the first time, it had already exceeded my expectations. Two weeks in, those suprises multiplied several times over.

In the third week, one of our Wednesday night participants shared with me that a boy in her son's 6th grade class (and who had attended some church events a few years ago) was struggling academically. He lives in a housing project behind our church, which is another of the ministry areas we identified a few years ago. We have been praying for an open door to connect with families and children in Brighton Place.

This Good Shepherd mom said she had been challenged by the sermons and Wednesday night vision to reach out to this boy and offer to lead a study group with him during the hour-long Wednesday night out. So, starting the third Wednesday, she and one of the men of our church went to Brighton place to meet with this young man, who ended up bringing one of his friends along. By the time they were done, several other friends had gathered to see what was going on and it looks like a serious study group is forming.

In the process, we also got to meet the manager of Brighton Place and initiate some conversation with her about using facilities for this purpose.

This is what really excites me - when I (as pastor) don't think of a ministry and have to recruit people, but when God leads someone to a ministry and they ask me how we can do it. And I get to launch them out to share in what God is doing with our neighbors and in the world. Unbelievable - God, that is!

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