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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

wednesdays out - 2 weeks in

A few weeks ago I described our Wednesday Night out "experiment." I said I would report on how it's going...

After THE FIRST WEEK, it had already exceeded my expectations. Two weeks in, the surprises began to multiply.

Several years ago our officers and staff grappled with a vision to be God's church for this neighborhood (about a 1 mi. radius around our church). We identified several significant mission opportunities within a few blocks of the church, including a group home for men just across the street. We have prayed for an opportunity to connect with them, but have never really stepped out boldly to do so. Last year we had an outdoor concert with the Shelley Moore Band and several of the group home guys came over. About the same time, one of our youth volunteered at a Joni and Friends summer camp and was paired with a young man named Josh. Campers were from all over the country - and Josh was from the group home across the street. Between Josh and the concert, several guys from the home decided to venture over TO US on our last few Wednesday nights of the Spring... then we took off for the summer.

So when we started back up this Fall, two of the guys were ready and waiting. We have paired two adults and our high school guys (3 seniors, 1 sophmore) with them for a small group to study the book of James and pray for each other's needs. They shoot a little basketball first, then go back to the group home for the study. This all developed between the first and second Wednesday and now 5 of the 6 guys in the home are involved and our high school guys are engaging in ministry and discipleship! Unbelievable... God, that is!

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