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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

what is the quality of our searchlight? - persistence

What does it mean for us to be a "searchlight church" and how can we improve as one? Let's consider the third of three qualities.

3. Persistence

We need to keep going back to the same streets, the same houses, the same folks again and again, not in an annoying way, but in a caring and persistent way, thinking of new and different ways to meet and invite them. We may well find that the door closes not because of who we are, but because of wounds or hurts suffered over the years. That is why we are called to a caring persistence... Is there anything we can do for you as a church? We can pray... we can provide food or counseling or friendship... I say we keep going back to Swan's Run, Bon Rea, Rea Road, Candlewycke, Chadwick, Old Providence, Brighton Place, the elementary school, and hanging out at the Colony & Rea shopping center until we find all those God wants us to find!

In order to be a searchlight church, we need to be searchlight people. That means applying all this on a personal level. We need to get off the path that runs from our garage to work to church and meet our neighbors. We need to seek out co-workers and ask meaningful questions. We need to meet our children's friends' parents and get to know them better. As we do that individually, so we will do it as a church family.

I know most of you have already filled out your commitment cards and have them with you today. One of the sections of that card is a commitment to be a searchlight Christian. I encouraged you there to write down for yourself the names of some folks that God might want you to search out. Maybe you start simply by praying for them. Maybe you move to socializing and talking with them. Maybe you are ready to listen to their story and share your story. Maybe it's time to invite them to church or to one of the "beacon" events like the Christmas cantata or the Christmas play. Maybe God will give you the opportunity to invite them to Christ.

Whatever it is, make a plan; be intentional; write it down and pray over it. The woman in Jesus' story turned up the lights and got the broom out. Let's be intentional like that and be the kind of searchlight Christians God is calling us to be! There are a lot of exciting "searchlight ideas" before us for the coming year - Christian yoga classes, a CATS commuter coffee ministry, community drama and community choir, VBS-on-the-road at Brighton Place in addition to VBS here. There are many more ideas. I'm looking for your ideas as well.

The best and most effective ministries are those God places on your heart. If you come to me, like Shannon did with the Christian Yoga idea, I will do my best to work with you and bless you with church resources. If we can really embrace this idea of being a lighthouse and searchlight church for Jesus, this will become the "best lit" neighborhood in Charlotte, to God's glory!

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