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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

what is the quality of our searchlight? - permeability

What does it mean for us to be a "searchlight church" and how can we improve as one? Let's consider the second of three qualities.

2. Permeability

I believe the specific mission and challenge God has given us is to be one of God's churches for this neighborhood - over 10,000 people live within a mile or so of our church. I can just about guarantee you that 5,000 and maybe more like 7,000 or 8,000 do not attend church regularly and do not have a personal relationship with the God of the universe. Even if my numbers are wrong - even if only 1000 or 500 - those people are the ones God would have us show the light of Jesus Christ. We don't have to convert them or make them believe or save them. But God would have us go to where they are with the hope and light and life of Jesus. That means a once-over the neighborhood won't do.

When I started here I used the image of "low-hanging fruit" with the elders. Sure, we can send out a few flyers and invite folks to some special events and we'll attract some folks who are ready to fall out of the tree and into a chair in church. That's the low-hanging fruit - it almost picks itself. But remember the woman in Jesus' story? She cranked up the lights, swept the floor and looked diligently for the lost coin. Some folks aren't going to invite themselves to our Christmas cantata. Some folks are going to toss the flyers we mail them. Some folks are not going to answer the door when we come Christmas caroling down their street. And those are the folks God would have us reach with the light of Jesus. Those are the folks who need to hear, "God loves you and has not given up on you; neither do we."

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