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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

sabbatical fruit - week 12 - re-entry

Well, I didn't get to post any song clips yet, but I did finish the recording by midnight on Sunday night! I have some friends reviewing the rough mixes, like I do with the book, and hope to have both book and CD proofed, edited, and ready for publication and distribution by September.

I've also called an old youth group friend from Lenoir, who plays in a bluegrass-funk band, and she is going to add some fiddle/violin on a couple of tracks. I'm looking forward to seeing her after many years and getting a little more "help from my friends."

I started back at Good Shepherd on Monday the 27th, and have my hands full catching up after twelve weeks away. I spent Monday catching up with the ministry staff, reading e-mail and mail, and prioritizing to do's for the next few weeks. Today (Tuesday), I rejoined the men's morning prayer group and enjoyed seeing those guys again.

While this is the last "sabbatical fruit" report, I imagine the fruit of the sabbatical will be the subject of sermons and postings for some time to come. I feel like I learned a number of valuable lessons and know those will salt my ministry for some time.

I do hope to get some of the worship songs up over the next few weeks, and plan to make the CD available on iTunes when it is ready.

Thank you to Good Shepherd and the many folks who stepped up to cover for me while I was gone. I know of no other church that can cover 12 weeks of preaching internally (we did have some pastor friends come preach on communion Sundays). I am excited to be back in the midst of this dear congregation that is my church family and home!

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