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Sunday, May 31, 2009

sabbatical fruit - week 4 - music and reflection

I returned from Nicaragua on Monday night of week 4. I also got sick shortly thereafter (Tues. night) with a sore throat leading to cold/flu/etc... So, it's felt like a slightly unproductive week. Nonetheless, there was some significant fruit:

1. Reflected on the time in Nicaragua and wrote the week 3 posts (see the May post menu at left)

2. Worked on mixing Maddie's full band CD, which will be released mid-summer

3. Rehearsed with Maddie for the Saturday night FemmeFest performance*.

4. Maddie's "Fully Alive Preview CD (EP)" arrived (produced in weeks 1-2) in time for the performance. It has five of the songs we recorded for the full CD with Maddie's vocal/guitar only as a "preview" to the full project. They are only $5, so go find Maddie or Lynda if you want one! (If you are out of Charlotte and want one, e-mail me and we can figure something out.)

*I've been reflecting on Maddie's performance last Saturday at FemmeFest (it's a sabbatical, I'm supposed to do a lot of reflecting, right?!) While mentioning her specifically would embarass her (so don't go embarass her!), she is doing exactly what I keep challenging the congregation and blog readers to do... using what God gave her to go where people are and share the hope within her. See the previous post on how Pratt and Ashley are doing this through Young Life, Nicaragua.

By saying 'yes' to the doors God opens, Maddie is going to places and interacting with people who may never darken the door of a church. And through her songs, she is talking about her faith, her struggles, and her hope. Have you ever asked what God wants us to do in life? That's it... use what God gives us to go to where people are and share the hope within us.

I know... it's easy to look at missionaries, ministers, or amazing musicians and think, "I don't have those gifts." But, don't buy that line. God has given every person gifts and talents and dreams and hopes. We don't all have to be Billy Graham or Mother Theresa or Bono... just be faithful with a little.

That reminds me of the "sabbatical challenge" - I do find myself wondering if anyone did it. Or did the $5, $10, $20, and $100 bills get stuffed in wallets or stuck back in the offering plate. It was supposed to be an experience of this very point.... do we know how to take a little and use it for God's glory?

If you did something with it... or are doing something with what God has given you (talents, personality, interests, anything!)... e-mail me and tell me the story. If you want to remain anonymous to the congregation or blog-world, just say so. But it's the telling of these stories that encourage others that they, too, can say 'yes' to God.

Photo by Whitney Gray

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thekingpin68 said...

Robert, I am glad to see you are progressing.

My PhD revisions are half done.

'By saying 'yes' to the doors God opens,...'

God has a way of slamming other doors on me.

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