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Monday, February 19, 2007

how are you doing?

Dear Family,

Remember the lighthouse/searchlight concept? How are we doing? How are YOU doing?

We’ve had some wonderful “come and see” lighthouse events in the recent months. The Christmas cantata and play were both amazingly well done and God-glorifying. More recently, the chorale festival at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church was a powerful worship event where we joined hands with four other congregations and choirs to honor God in a public way. These are the kinds of events that it is so important to go support and invited neighbors, friends, and family!

The key question to ask yourself to be a “lighthouse Christian” is “How can I invite my friend to catch a glimpse of God?” Look for opportunities in our mutual worship and ministry – we try to provide many lighthouse opportunities for you!

What about being a “go and tell” searchlight Christian? I’ll describe one such opportunity below with the lay renewal, and ways you can do similar “light work” yourselves. The key question to be a “searchlight Christian” is “How can I go to where the needs are and show people a glimpse of God?”

By the time you read this, the Lay Renewal will have already happened. The basic format is that laypeople from one place go to another and tell the story of how God has worked in their life, then we all get together in small groups and discuss these stories, inviting others to share theirs as well. All that is wrapped in worship and a series of sermons from me (guess the theme… lighthouse and searchlight!). The whole point, in addition to pointing to God, is to show that “ordinary” Christians can talk about what God is doing in their life. Over the course of the weekend, every member of the team, including 14 adults and 4 youth (and maybe several children) from Good Shepherd will tell their story, and in doing so, tell God’s story. You may not have gone on the lay renewal, but you can do this too! Pray for God’s blessing, and then consider sharing some of your story with a friend or co-worker. See what happens!

In the love of Christ,


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