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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

balloon helps dream take flight - leigh wiley jenkins

From an article to Disney employees on 10/20/2009...

If there's one thing Guest Relations Hostess Leigh Wiley has learned in her two years working at Magic Kingdom Park, it's that a simple act of kindness can often make a dream come true.

This Guest Relations Hostess act of kindness was small, but mighty.

Just recently, the Chandler family from Okeechobee, Fla., wrote a letter describing how Leigh made their day.

"All my 15 year-old wanted during our trip to [Disney's] Ft. Wilderness [Resort & Campground] was a balloon from the Magic Kingdom [Park]. We visited the [Guest Relations] area, but did not have the money to enter. I explained my daughter's wishes to the [Guest Relations Hostess] Leigh, and she said, 'This is where dreams come true.' Leigh asked us to wait a minute and she returned with the Mickey Mouse balloon. I will never forget the look in my daughter's eyes! You would have thought I bought her a Porsche! I want to thank the exceptional customer service your agent Leigh displayed. She is a true asset to your Company! Keep up the good work of making dreams come true!"

Leigh's leader, Attractions Guest Service Manager Sean Cernetic, was not surprised by the Guest letter. "Leigh is an amazing Cast Member," Sean said. "She's always smiling and has a real passion for the Guest experience."


I won't comment much... is there something the Church could learn from Leigh and Disney? Often it's not the grand presentation or big sermon that makes a difference, but the small gestures that reveal the grace and presence of Christ... "small, but mighty."

Seems like something I heard in a sermon once from another member of the Wiley family. To them with ears to hear! :)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

tell your story

I've been e-mailing with a friend about "missional networking." What is that, you ask? If you want to follow my blog metaphor, it is linking up searchlights (individuals, congregations) to engage in God's mission to seek and save the lost TOGETHER.

At Good Shepherd, we are stretching and being stretched out into our near-neighborhoods, but if we are to be salt and light in our whole city, then we'll have to connect with other congregations and "searchlighters" across the area. We've talked about what that would look like - but we have to do it.

In the conversations with my friend, we are pondering what that looks like at an even larger level - regionally and nationally. I suggested that was not the time to flip back to an attractional model of networking - for example, me planting a flag here at Good Shepherd and saying "all of you join my lighthouse-searchlight network and get with the program." Rather, we need a missional model of missional networking.

One practical way of doing that is to reach out by social networking... so here is a first step. I'm reaching out to you who read this through the blog, RSS, Facebook, and Twitter. Share the request, retweet, pass it on.

And what am I asking? I want to encourage you to tell your story. How are you or your congregation following Christ out into the world to engage in God's mission? Post a reply, or link back to this, or send me an e-mail (robert{at}gspc{dot}net) and I'll post a story. Your stories will not only give us fresh ideas in our own context, but also help us get to know each other and connect across the geographical space.

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