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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

top posts and sermons of 2013

Often bloggers will end the year with a review of "top posts." I'd like to do this for my blog and for my preaching. I am listing the "top posts" by the view count stat, accounting for the date posted (and how long each has been "up"). Feel free to read, share, or comment!

Top Blog Posts

Most Accessed Sermons
2013 Sermon Series
What stands out in my mind are several series I really enjoyed and learned from myself. I've linked the indexes below.
  • Jonah Series - Jonah was pretty much a wretched guy; we get a good, long look at the extent of God's love for the world
  • Lazarus Series - we spent a number of weeks slowly working through the Lazarus story and the significance of resurrection for us in daily life
  • Summer "Soak in the Word" Series - all summer we looked at well-known verses and studied them in context; we not only learned a lot about those individual and diverse texts, but also about how to read and study the Bible
  • Baptism Series - we spent six weeks (!) on baptism; highly recommended if you want to better understand this important sacrament of the church

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