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Friday, February 22, 2013

lessons from jonah, pt. 2

Takeaways from the series on Jonah...

After the service on Jonah 4, and in relation to Jonah’s seemingly extreme response to God, several people mentioned Les Miserables, which is playing on the stage in Charlotte right now and in the movies. One of the main characters in Les Mis is Javert, a policeman who pursues the other main character the whole length of the play, wanting to exact justice and not understanding the mercy, compassion, and forgiveness he witnesses along the way. In the end, though we want Javert to have a change of heart, he responds like Jonah, angry to the point of despair and death. Rather than simply be disappointed at the lack of a Hollywood happy ending, we should be challenged to look inward at the Jonah and Javert lurking in the shadows of our own hearts. That’s the question we asked last week: are there those for whom we do not want God’s mercy?

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