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Sunday, July 08, 2012

moderator election (2012) - opening speech, QandA

Opening speeches of the moderator candidates at the 220th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)  My speech begins at 17:15.

Question and answer on the floor of the 220th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Questions Asked
  1. 00:05 - Jeff Krehbiel - TEC, National Capital: Pastoral dilemma over what to say to member in congregation who plans to get married to someone of the same sex in a jurisdiction where same-sex marriage is allowed by the state.  What advice do you offer?  (RA, 08:28)
  2. 11:52 - Ed Bush - REC, Los Ranchos: What is the Gospel? (RA, 12:58)
  3. 14:05 - Tim Simpson - TEC, St. Augustine: What should I/you/GA do if an interest group is inappropriately influencing commissioners through gifts/trips? (RA, 16:45)
  4. 19:45 - Emily McColl - TEC, Los Ranchos: What personal initiative will you take to bring people who are different to Jesus? And how to keep churches IN the PCUSA? [at least that's what I thought the questions were; you can listen for yourself!] (RA, 21:55)
  5. 32:45 - Jeremy Glidden - YAAD, Genesee Valley: Please share some personal examples of dealing with conflict in the church. (RA, 40:10)
  6. 42:57 - Chris Campbell - TEC, Grace: Please explain what "missional" means and an example of how you have been a part of missional ministry. (RA, 47:35)
  7. 52:08 - Hunter Badgley - YAAD, Alaska: What are your ideas on fostering relationships and building community at General Assembly? (RA, 54:06)
  8. 60:03 - Chris Enoch - TEC, Redstone: With most of our congregations being small in size, what does a healthy, small church look like? (RA, 60:38)

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