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Friday, October 21, 2011

wee kirks

This past week I have been at the Montreat Wee Kirk conference, a wonderful 32-year old conference for smaller membership congregations in the PCUSA.  I have been privileged to serve as the conference worship leader and seminar leader for the past 9 years!

Growing up in a church of 3000+, I admit to grossly underestimating the TREASURE in the Kingdom that the small church can be when it sets its eyes on Jesus and follows in obedience to Word and Spirit.  Certainly there are churches of all sizes that struggle with health, but size itself is no determiner of faithfulness or effectiveness in the Kingdom.  Indeed one of our speakers, Sasan Tavassoli, said he was used to Iranian cell groups of 8-10, so he did not even recognize the distinction between 'big' and 'wee' churches.

I am reminded of our own commitment at Good Shepherd, from 7-8 years ago to be vigorously faithful in the "small things" God laid before us in our immediate neighborhood.  Now, it seems clear that God is challenging us to continue outside our walls NEARBY - with tutoring, witnessing, friendships, bluegrass, book clubs, coat drives, relationships, and more; but also FURTHER OUT!

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Pastor Parato said...

Thanks again for your leadership! Please pass along to Cathy how special it was that she composed an anthem for us!
So excited about your running for moderator. You are in my prayers.

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