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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

searchlight 2.0

In February of 2010 I wrote the following in the church newsletter, trying to describe the outward turn in focus and vision that is starting to shape our life together at Good Shepherd:

The designation ”2.0” has been used to describe the move from linear progression to multiplied connection and inter-connection. If those words don’t make sense, think of the move from regular mail or e-mail to Facebook (where in a matter of hours new users can become “connected” with 30, 50, or 200 people from various times and places in their life). Likewise, our calling to worship and outreach is manifesting less in the traditional and “1.0” pastor --> member --> visitor model to what I’m seeing as “Searchlight 2.0” – Old Providence girl scouts are using our building and their parents who hear us playing music at the corner coffee shop tell their neighbors about this hospitable and neighborly church and someone two or three times removed from our direct “evangelism” is now visiting to see what God is doing in this place. Do you start to get a sense of what’s going on? Rather than instituting a program, we are becoming a “fragrance” pleasing to God in Old Providence, Swan’s Run, Brighton, O.P. Elementary, and the corner shops.
Now a year later, and with some hiccups, ups, and downs, I see how this outward focus is growing, stretching, and weaving into the life of our neighbors.  The connections are multiplying. People are joining in singing and playing music at Caribou on Wednesday nights, where management could not be more supportive. In the past week, some nine non-GSPC folks have connected online (on meetup.com) to come in person to the Wednesday night book club meeting at another coffeeshop. The group home guys are starting back because two new people stepped up to meet with them. A major company has matched funds given through a non-member because of our White Gift appeal and given that to the Timothy Fund. The Wednesday night service group is suddenly bursting at the seams with ideas and opportunities, from tutoring to food for the homeless shelter to visitation to more.

God is doing something… a God-sized thing. If you are not yet plugged in, I urge you to do so. It’s easy, painless, and I would dare to say enjoyable! Come talk to me about how you might answer the key question:  
What is God doing and how can I be a part?

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