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Friday, January 29, 2010

con ed clips - kristyn and keith getty

I am attending a continuing education event in Grand Rapids, MI, entitled the Calvin Symposium on Christian Worship. On the first day I was here I went to a seminar and then a vesper service led by Kristyn and Keith Getty, Irish composers and worship leaders. Here are some clips of their wonderful music.

Seminar - "Behold the Lamb (Communion Song)" - verse three

Vespers - "Kingdom of the Lord" - I'm unsure of the title... just got that from the lyrics. They were trying to do a sound check before the service and asked if we minded if they played something Irish. No, we didn't mind at all!

Vespers - "In Christ Alone" - perhaps the piece they are best known for... you'll have to turn your volume down - the congregation sang thunderously.

Vespers - Jamming. After the service was over they waited a good long while then launched into this spontaneously. I missed the first part getting back up to the front to get a good view, but what I got was still plenty good!

*These were filmed on my daughter's iPod nano. So yes, I was on the front row in every case. There is no zoom feature. :) I tried to look like I wasn't stalking them.

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