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Sunday, August 02, 2009

talent challenge: mission benefit concert

Here are some photos from the mission benefit photo tonight at Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church. See this post for more on the talent challenge.

African Choir

Cathy Youngblood on piano

Ning Zhao, Violinist

Quartet that introduced each country by singing "Holy, Holy, Holy" in the native language.

Julie Johnson, violinist

A view of about half the sanctuary - it was packed!

Francisco Gross, missionary in Spain for whom the benefit concert was held

John Kaneklides, tenor - sang 8-9 songs from countries around the world and organized this wonderful outreach and mission support event!


Priscilla said...

Is there an update on how much money was raised? I'd love to hear how the Lord used John's $5 and increadible gifts and multiplied it for his missions!

robert austell said...

YES!! The concert raised $1800 towards missions!

Also, the concert was mentioned in a publication by the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, highlighting the participation of violinist, Ning Zhao. Link: CSO Newsletter [scroll down a few paragraphs]

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