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Saturday, July 11, 2009

sabbatical fruit - week 10 - final push

Looking back...

My family and I returned on Tuesday afternoon from Montreat and the "Christian Life Conference." The teaching and fellowship were wonderful and the Good Shepherd worship team received much encouragement for the worship music. Here are some pictures of us in action...

And Cathy leading a conference hymn on the organ.
I particularly like
the photo (all
by Paul Detterman)...
the way Cathy's
head is inclined
toward the cross
on the front wall. :)

Pressing on...

10 weeks down... where did it all go? And the next two weeks are punctuated by a trip to Greensboro and presbytery responsibilities. Only a handful of "sabbatical days" left.

"Final push" may sound like the opposite of restful, renewing, ect... but part of the joy of this time has been seeing some long-awaited projects moving toward completion. I realize that I may not completely finish these by the end of the sabbatical, but I think I'll get close... at least close enough to finish in Aug/Sept.

So, I've been recording into the wee hours. The only thing is that of all the instruments I play, I have the least control over my voice. And honestly, it's a $200 guitar as voices go. I know what I want to sing, how I want to sing, and I can get the notes... but there's only so much I can do past that. But, this isn't really about commercial viability or vocal awesomeness as getting my creative juices flowing and sharing some music with others. So, I'm pleased with how it's coming together. The CD will definitely have some variety on it... I'll leave it at that for now. :)

So if you are praying for me, pray for good use of time, good vocal chops, and the logistics of getting some friends in for background vocals. Thanks!

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Reformed Catholic said...


I have to say, as a first time participant at the CLC this year, that the music made the worship very meaningful for me and my wife.

Thanks to you and your team from Good Shepherd.

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