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Saturday, May 16, 2009

sabbatical fruit - week 2 - maddie's EP

Well, no links at present, but much accomplished. I've spent the better part of the last two weeks tracking with Maddie Shuler for her upcoming CD release. They are all her songs (11 of them) and we recorded her singing and playing guitar (and piano on one). That was about 7-10pm for 5 evenings. During the days and after she left I've been tracking other instruments: drums, keys, acoustic and electric, bass, and background vocals. It reminds me of being in Nashville. :)

During week 2 (this past week), we finished the lead vocals and I mixed five of these for an EP to have ready by the end of May for Femme Fest (in which we are playing 30-minute sets at two different stages). I'm almost done with all the full tracking and then will start mixing all eleven for the full studio CD, hopefully to be released by July.

I've also been working on my lesson plans for teaching at the YWAM "School of the Bible" in Nicaragua. I am responsible for 20 hours of class time, which is about 10 hours of teaching content since it all has to be translated. Still, that's a lot! I spent much of this week preparing the teaching outline and organizing notes... taking about 40 pages of notes with me. Hopefully, it is more than I need rather than too little. :) I'm teaching on Biblical study methods and interpretation, using my work on worship as a case study in how to do that. The students are (I think) from all over Central America, possibly beyond. I'll make a fuller report afterwards.

Still up: finishing Maddie's CD, recording more of my own stuff, two (book) writing projects, and serious EXERCISE!

Weight: down approx. 25 lbs. from March and holding. Shooting for 10-15 more by August.

Sabbatinator out...

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