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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

gspc kids rock!

Maddie Shuler - opening for Christian recording artist, Erik Bledsoe, at Pineville UMC on October 11, 2008. Songs are Maddie originals. Someone is also playing stuff and singing in the background. :)


"Let it Go"

"Take Control"

Paul Castanet (bass), Cory Klein (drums), and Michael Valeri (vocals, guitar) - their band is The Pursuit, playing at Harrison UMC in a benefit concert for Erik Tanksley, a young boy with cancer. Songs are band originals.

"Is It You?"

"Family Girl"

"Coffee House"


Reyes-Chow said...

Lookee there, I know a ROCK STAR ;-) Sorry to not have been all that connected as of late. Hope you are well. GREAT music. I always feel so blessed by the gifts and talents of others shared with so much passion and faith!

satire and theology said...

Sounds good. Not sure my first comment went through.

robert austell said...

Thanks, Russ - the first did go through... I've been out of town for a week... I appreciate you listening!

Anonymous said...

The Pursuit is probably the most beast thing I've ever heard.

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