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Sunday, July 06, 2008

god on the move

The story of item 04-28, a commissioner's resolution I wrote, is a story of God on the move. That the resolution would go anywhere was a surprise. I saw seemingly impossible hurdles fade away and doors open that I wouldn't have imagined possible. The story is still unfolding, but on a personal level, I had a fresh and direct experience of how God shows strength in the midst of our own weakness. I told that story to my congregation in Sunday's sermon (July 6), linked below:

"Five and Two is What?" (John 6:2-14) (audio and text available)

Click the following links to see the text, rationale, and presentations of the "gracious witness resolution" in committee, against 03-21 (legal fund), and speaking for 04-28.

Addendum: a commenter asked for an "official link to this action" - it can be found, with
text, rationale, and vote counts here on PC-Biz: PC-Biz 04-28


stjones said...

Do you have an "official" PCUSA link to the GA's action and the adopted wording? Our presbytery (which has a very agressive policy developed in consultation with Louisville) will not be moved by blog entries however accurate.


robert austell said...


The text, rationale, and vote counts are here on PC-Biz:

PC-Biz 04-28

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