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Thursday, April 03, 2008

burning hearts - a sermon song

Burning Hearts is a song that Gerrit Dawson and I wrote as a "sermon-song" back in 1999. I sang it again this past Sunday to go with the Emmaus Road text and sermon. It is, perhaps, a reminder that it is not program that makes the Church or Christians the light of the world (Matthew 5:14), but the presence of the Holy Spirit testifying to the light of the living one, Jesus Christ.

Burning Hearts (Emmaus Road)

By Gerrit Dawson and Robert Austell, 1999

On Emmaus Road, heads hung low,
A stranger joined who didn't know
Of Jesus and the Christ he seemed,
Now dead, except in rumor's dream.

Weren't our hearts burning within?
More than we dared to hope,
To see Jesus alive again!

As if he'd written every word,
He taught the Scriptures and we heard
Of the Christ who first had to die
To enter his glory on high.


He made to go on, but we cried
Oh stay with us, evening is nigh
He broke the bread, gave and we knew,
Our eyes opened--it was all true!


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