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Friday, January 04, 2008

podcasting on iTunes

So a young fresh-out-of-seminary friend in his first church writes me and wants to know if I'm podcasting. "Well," I say, "you can listen to my sermons and download them off the sermon blog, but I haven't been able to figure out how to get on iTunes. I guess, like Dave Moody, I haven't quite made it to Web 2.0, but am hovering somewhere around a 1.5.

But, I'm also pretty tech-savvy and love a challenge, so I started Googling around, found Feedburner, learned how to activate the mp3 files already on my sermon blog (that's what "add enclosure link" is for on the new post page of the blog!), and got the feed sent to iTunes.

So, after a couple of hours and no cost to me (other than the hours), I'm pleased to announce that the sermon audio from Good Shepherd is available as a subscribable podcast on iTunes. Not being fully 2.0, I don't know anybody with any of those other fancy podcast readers (jitter, flitter, fleabiter, etc...), but here's a link to the feedburner feed where you can subscribe to the podcast using just about anything out there if you don't use iTunes.

And look, mom (well, she won't actually see this)... I've had 5 subscribers already. Oh wait, 3 of them were me, one is Google hunting down everything on the web, and one... yes one... that might be a real live subscriber!! Maybe it's the student who asked me about it. Carter, is that you??

Back to the books... I'm feeling a bit lightheaded after two straight weeks of trying to finish my D.Min. project and pulling near all-nighters the last two nights. So, if this post sounds a little, um, weird, that's why.

But I'm serious, I am on iTunes now! (search for Good Shepherrd sermons or Robert Austell)

Happy New Year!

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