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Sunday, September 16, 2007

anybody there?

One of the highlights of this past Saturday was Rick Brooks, a pastor friend, telling me at a presbytery meeting that he enjoys reading my blog. As far as I knew, about 3 people had ever read my blog and my profound thoughts were just kind of disappearing out into cyberspace. I was greatly encouraged by Rick's comment. If you do read this, I'd love for you to drop a quick comment here!


Presbyterian Gal said...

Robert, you need to go over to Stat Counter and get yourself a visit count widget. You'll very soon see that you have far more visitors than you imagined. And you can see where they're from and which of your posts they like the most!

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert. I didn't know you were blogging but am glad to see it. Appreciated all your work on Saturday. I saw a link to your sermon on layman.org tonight (from your letter to them), read the sermon (really good) and then found your blog. Keep up the good work! Woody

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