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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

the prime directive?

Several friends and family have asked me for a definition of the "missional church". In a compelling summary of the recent Presbyterian Global Fellowship (PGF) conference, Quotidian Grace quotes speaker Michael Frost:

Just as God reveals Himself through Jesus as the sent and serving God, His Son and Spirit sends us into the lives and needs of others. We need to abandon the church attitude of "come to us and see Jesus" for going into the world to represent Jesus and to invite others to be disciples. The issue is about the stance we adopt to the world around us.
This is indeed a good definition of being the "missional church."

HOWEVER, as I responded to Michael Frost previously, Jesus' "sent-ness" is not the only revelation or reality in scripture. God is worthy of our worship, adoration, praise, obedience, and service. Worship and mission are integrally related. Jesus, sent into the world, nonetheless had regular times to retreat, be alone, pray, and worship.

The missional church movement is a needed response to country-club church and narcissistic Christianity. But, as needed as that pendulum swing is, my prayer is that it not swing us away from a biblical and vital worship relationship with God.


Quotidian Grace said...

Thanks, Robert, for the link.

I agree that a biblical and vital worship relationship with God must be an integral part of the missional church movement.

Also, not all of us are called into actual mission work in our communties or abroad--as St. Paul reminds us some of us are called to other service in the body of Christ.

regressivepresby said...

thanks for the comments and link to QG. I love her blog, very irenic.

In his book, "Let the Nations be Glad: The Supremecy of God in Mission", John Piper has a great quote-- "Mission exists because worship doesn't. There will be a time when Mission ceases, but as we see in throng before the throne of the lamb, worship will go on"- or something like that. We can argue with Pipers view of women in leadership, but I have yet to find a view of God and Mission that is more biblically compelling- with the worship of our triune God of grace as the beginning middle, and end of it all.

If I've already quoted this to you, sorry for repeating myself.

Thanks again Robert,
grace & peace,

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