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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

this jesus, pt. 4 - where are you?

On Acts 2:22-36...

Having said all that, the big question that remains is to ask, "Where are you?" Where are you in relation to THIS JESUS? Maybe you know him and trust him and follow him. If so, consider what kind of witness you are. It may be that your words and actions become part of another person's journey to faith.

If you don't think you get it, begin where Peter began. Start with Jesus the Nazarene, Jesus the man. Read everything the Bible has to say about him. Read Josephus, a Roman Jewish historian who wrote about him from an outside perspective. As you read, also consider the testimony of the witnesses. The New Testament was written by eye-witnesses to Jesus' resurrection. Talk to some modern witnesses – people you know trust Jesus Christ and try to follow him. Consider the core story about Jesus – that he was God's Son, sent to die and be raised so that we might be restored to a relationship with God. And talk to God – ask for help and ask for faith.

If you are here today, it is because of Jesus in some way. It is worth asking the question, "What is Jesus to me?" Consider what it means that THIS JESUS is Lord and Christ. Is he that to you? If not, what stands in your way? It may be less than you thought.

May God give you ears to hear and hearts to respond to His Word.

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