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Friday, April 13, 2007

fpc, kannapolis - a lighthouse church

Joe Crawford and his family just came down for the afternoon from Kannapolis. Our families started up a friendship when the Austells stayed in their house for the renewal weekend last February. It was a joyful reunion and exciting to hear Joe catch us up on what the Lord is doing in their church. They really seemed to latch on to the lighthouse/searchlight metaphor as they seek to join in God's mission to the developing "village" in downtown Kannapolis.

Joe told me that for Easter Sunday he bought 200 small pewter lighthouse keychains and had the children hand them out during the service. What a great reminder (daily!) that we are to shine with the light of Jesus, both inside our churches and outside... everywhere we go.

More significantly, Joe told me that this Sunday begins what he hopes will become a regular occurence in the worship service: a layperson sharing the story of what God has done and is doing in their life.

Pray for and if you are in Kannapolis, check out this church that is becoming God's lighthouse for the "Village" in Kannapolis!

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