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Monday, November 13, 2006

what is the quality of our searchlight? - mobility

What does it mean for us to be a "searchlight church" and how can we improve as one? Let's consider the first of three qualities.

1. Mobility

Mobility is the "leave and go after" aspect of carrying the light of Christ. It is the "get up and get out" factor, and we can't effectively be searchlights for Christ without it. Yes, we can be a great lighthouse church and do a great job with people who come to us, but Jesus' clear teaching involves getting up and out into the world as salt and light.

It's easy to fool ourselves. Some of our seemingly best "outreach" ideas only have a strong lighthouse factor. We fail to consider the real outreach or searchlight component. For example, I recently was talking to Kathy about the exciting idea of sharing our drama ministry beyond the walls of the church. We were talking about taking the drama on the road to other churches or inviting people from other churches to act in one of our dramas. It's truly an excellent idea! And it's a lighthouse idea - a good one. But, what if we open it up to the community, so that people could audition for a role whether they were a church member or not? Would someone do that - act in a clearly Christian church-produced play? They might, if they loved to act and lived nearby. What better opportunity to be exposed to a vibrant and mature Christian faith than to work with Kathy to understand the character and plot of one of her plays. The same person might run as fast as they could from preaching, but could be "found" through a dramatic role in a gospel-centered play.

Or take a conversation I've had with the elders on several occasions. We have wonderful music, arts, and other great features here at Good Shepherd. Why don't we advertise on 91.9, the Christian radio station? I think with a little publicity and marketing that we could fill up our church, build buildings, and max out our plot of land here, entirely with Christians from all over Charlotte who would flock to the particular style and blend of arts, music, and worship we have here. But is that the work of the Kingdom of God?

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